Supply Chain technology solutions and the “shiny object” syndrome

SupplyChainBrain released an article on optimizing DC performance to handle the increase in small orders that must be rapidly filled and the reoccurring peaks of demand for these small orders. IndustryWeekDaily reported that U.S. manufacturing expanded in Sept. according to ISM’s index (the index shows manufacturing’s Sept. index to be 51.5 indicating growth). ISM’s new… Read More

Millennials and supply chains supporting digital platforms

Uber, AirBnB, Amazon web services These platforms showcase new business models of interconnectedness via digital platforms that allow for unprecedented synergy and dynamic connectedness between suppliers and customers with you, the service/product provider in the middle. The blazing pace at which these platforms perform and surface new demands on your company point to the requirement,… Read More

Supply Chains and lessons from Brexit

While the shock of Brexit passing is wearing off, the confusion remains. This portion of Brexit holds several lessons for our supply chains, both to survive Brexit and survival in general. First you need to know: Cynthia’s Second Rule of Business: Don’t make it confusing for your customers to do business with you. Since it’s… Read More