Sustainable Supply Chains

Happy to embed ESG into your supply chains, but haven’t the faintest idea of what to do or how to achieve anything that others would determine is meaningful?

ESG metrics and their support will be reported. What do you use? Can’t this just wait?

Still, you know that:

ESG regulations are a reality.

So that leaves dealing with them. Is there a framework to help?

Business conditions are tightening. How will you change your supply chains without hurting your business?

How will you find the time to do one more initiative with all the other work and change that is going on?

Even if you had a magic wand to do it all, where should you start?

You’ll find the answers here…

…in the new ASCM Building Sustainable Supply Chains

Triple Bottom Line

How you operate your supply chains has a direct impact on your company’s economic performance, the environment, and society. By embedding your purpose and proven sustainable practices using a globally recognized framework, you make the world a better place without harming your business capabilities.

You discover how to embed and sustain ESG and purpose elements along with your supply chain performance elements in Building Sustainable Supply Chains

What is included?

Critical topics include: UN SDG, GRI, GHG Protocol, SCOR framework, reporting documentation, supply chain strategy, business strategy, sustainable processes, proof providing metrics, Materiality, and more

Who should attend Building Sustainable Supply Chains?

Supply Chain Professionals, Finance, IS, Management, Directors, ESG/Sustainability Professionals, Data Analysts, Operations (Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing, Scheduling, Planning)

Why? Because even if your supply chain area is small, it will be required to report and provide proof of regulatory compliance.

Learn how to develop the necessary structure and proof in Building Sustainable Supply Chains.

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