Transform your way


When it comes to transforming supply chains, different companies require different types of consulting.

Process & Strategy has options for you to use individually, sequentially, or even in parallel depending on your company needs.


1) Engage and Define: Group Transformation Leadership Program (TLP)

While complete customization is often wanted, there are times when you may desire instead a small group of outside, diverse thinkers involved in the initial aspects of transforming supply chains.


Because group engagement allow you to hear different ways of thinking about problem sets, maturation, and milestones to be set for goal achievement.  Diverse discussion enhances your understanding of what is possible, how others gauge and prepare for risk/resistance/deployment phases, as well as provide unique insights on how handling supply chain cybersecurity, sustainability, resilience, regulations, and communication plans.

For the first time ever, the established ASCM Transformation Leadership Program (TLP) Engage and Define segments are in a Done With A Group setting. You and your company now have a choice to not work alone, or with a consultant dedicated only to your company. Since the stage does not require disclosure of confidential information, you can now join a group of companies to begin designing your transformation program, associated metrics of success, and initial communication planning.

How is this achieved without full, private consulting?

Process & Strategy has been helping companies transform business strategy and supply chain performance for over 20 years. Due to that track record, Process & Strategy is the only ASCM Consulting Partner approved and permitted to provide TLP training in group format, thus saving you money while expanding the richness of what you will develop, learn, and discuss.

The Engage & Define strategic workshop is divided into eight, 4-hour sessions, offered virtually so you save on travel and consulting fees, yet get the exact same training as if you purchased a unique, private, corporate onsite TLP workshop. To enable more conversation, discovery, and knowledge gain, up to 2 people per company may participate with each registration.

Each session has associated homework with deadlines so that as a team, you:

  • discuss strengths, areas of opportunity, and risks associated with your planning
  • jump off your current plans into new areas to prepare you for the next phase of transformation planning and analysis
    • Please note: it is critical to do these planning elements up front. Because then you do not have to stop during a later phase, go back, then adjust the plan (maybe create it for the first time) since the deliverables were missing something critical (hence the first bullet point).

In this first two phases, we will:

  • begin outlining exactly what supply chain(s) you will be transforming.
  • conduct specific assessments to accurately gauge supply chain maturity and company-wide trust. Both are absolutely essential to successful transformations. Results from your company will only be shared with your company.
  • start creating high level communication for senior management/leadership capturing As-Is reality for your business and associated supply chain performance. Both are critically important and allow adjustment prior to project work. Goals will be defined and you get clarification from the start. You will need access to a company Executive Sponsor or Leadership Team.
  • review your supply chain metrics and institute strategic/tactical/operational supply chain mapping
    • SCOR is highly recommended for this effort since it aligns and defines metrics, processes, skill sets, practices in a standardized manner currently used globally. This eliminates wasted time on interpreting what is going on in transformation projects because a common supply chain language is used. To learn more about SCOR, please click here
      • SCOR is offered prior to each TLP offering, but will also be reviewed briefly during the TLP.
    • Metrics are aligned to the strategic transformation goals, strategic plan of your business, and reality of your business customer expectations.
  • begin development of your transformation charter. It integrates with both agile project management and traditional project management methodologies.
  • understand where your current initiatives and methodologies, such as Lean, fit into this transformation work.
  • hold an extra, optional, bonus session to go through outstanding charter aspects and high level supply chain/business elements you worked on during the workshop sessions. We want to make sure you are ready to move forward as scheduled.
  • discuss the next step(s) forward, which may include a group sessions complimented with private consulting so that diverse group insights are still gathered while confidential aspects are reviewed in private, company by company

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2) Private consulting covering the entirety of the Transformation Learning Program

Fully customized to your company, the entire TLP program with all 5 segments is available at your pace in your space.

Or choose to work with Process & Strategy on only the first few, and later, as you are closer to Go Live, decide about resuming with the last few phases.

You can also choose to include small amounts of additional consulting within and/or between standard TLP phases to help you quickly get unstuck. Where the TLP session take place, virtually or onsite, depends on your company requirements and team availability.

Full flexibility to meet your needs.

The first two phases: Engage & Define are essentially the same as the group Transformation Learning Program above.

The difference is that full customization allows for:

  • upfront understanding and guidance from Process & Strategy since early discussions will be held with leadership, senior management, and other stakeholders important to this initiative
  • scheduling based on your company preferences
  • expanded employee and management engagement
  • company choice of virtual, onsite, or a mix of session types

You can also switch from group to full customization during the TLP phases.

To learn more about full customization of the ASCM Transformation Learning Program for supply chains and digital transformation, please contact Process & Strategy Solutions