Insight on Process & Strategy’s work from professionals just like you

[Stop Wasting Time and Money strategic workshop] helped me see big pictures in supply chain and new technologies and performance improvements. This is one of the great[est] workshops which I’ve had.
-Yunbeom Seo, Senior Buyer, Top Line Process Company

If you want to be more aligned to you customer [Stop Wasting Time and Money strategic workshop] can provide you insight into new process[es] and technology… The integration of blockchain is of extreme value and insight to pull different customers and suppliers close together.
-Supply Chain Professional, Buffalo, New York

Cynthia is a vault of knowledge.
-Michael Gebera, Director of Operations, Tapecon

Fascinating information on negotiations with Britain.
-A.T., Distribution Manager, Rich Products

Contemporary, relevant topic presented free from political and media bias for people in business positions looking for informed decision-making… The timeline and implications pending were not known and present impending challenges earlier than believed.
– Brexit presentation attendee, 2018, Buffalo, NY, APICS Chapter

Again you are a great professional. Keep up the good work and energy.
-A.M., Johnson & Johnson

Working with you, we accomplished in 3 months what took 12 years in my previous company
-Challen Steere, Co-Founder, Executive Home Services

Had a great instructor in Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky… As a LSS professional working within Supply Chain, this class has prepared me to begin building a framework for measurement, gap analysis and project selection…Now let’s get started!
-Steve Martin, Continuous Improvement Lead – Supply Chain, The Mosaic Company

She knows Supply Chain from the ground up both with the mind of an engineer as well as a customer champion. Great to have a teacher who has been there, done that but also has an eye on the future of things to come. I was able to apply some of the teachings immediately and look forward to leveraging more as I go.
-Angie Apperson, Business Program Manager – Supply Chain -Deliver, Microsoft

I will never forget how much I learned in your class.
-K. W., U.S. Service member

Wow, [Process & Strategy coach] was great! I can honestly say [coach] gave us everything he could in the two days he was here. So much information. So well delivered. You did not let us down! …Now it’s up to us.
-Theresa Brown, President, Thompson-Brown

I had the good fortune to be asked by Cynthia to work with her on a growth-oriented, business transforming project for one of her valued clients. I am fascinated by her ability to align business operations, structure, and strategy with sales and marketing. I was particularly impressed with how rapidly her clients achieve success. She does this by designing a set of carefully chosen, easy-to-use combination of business building blocks that are unique for each client.
-Mary-Rose Hoja, President, Hoja Consulting

What I really like about your [Cynthia’s] consulting is that I’d come in and talk about what I had accomplished the week before and think I had had a terrible week and not accomplished anything to move the business forward. But you [Cynthia] would say “What I heard you say was…” and interpret it against what we wanted to accomplish and I’d think to myself, “Yeah, I did accomplish that”.
-Dale Steere, Co-Founder, Executive Home Services

What I like most was the ability of [Cynthia] to tie this training to multiple companies, processes, and skill sets
-Corporate Supply Chain Professional

Your leadership skills of understanding, then fulfilling your stakeholders’ needs/wants (in this particular instance, MIT grads) speaks tremendous volume[s].
-M. Chris Heng; Global Head of Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Fairwaves