Build & Sustain


Sustain – a lovely word, but how can anything be sustainable when everything is changing so fast?

The secret is in the framework.


Did you know a majority of CEO’s don’t believe they have inhouse capabilities for transformation or sustainability?

Here’s how you prove them wrong.

Using the ASCM framework to integrate the entire business into the supply chain, you enable:

  • finance to obtain the data it needs in a timely manner because your supply chain measures what’s really needed
  • antifragility and resiliency because both are built in. How? By building processes holistically to handle change
  • customers/activist investors approval of your published data. They know it is trustworthy, solid, auditable, made possible by using global, industry recognized metrics.
  • executives to have full End2End supply chain visibility
  • employee capabilities to be built, trained, and embedded into your operations and supply chain processes.
  • your Board of Directors with clear insight into how the business strategy is supported by your supply chain performance which delivers on customer promises
  • marketing, sales, and design with understanding of supply chain deadlines, benchmarks, design needs
  • your company to achieve the ASCM Enterprise Certification in Sustainability. Formally prove (through a 3rd party audit) your supply chains are sustainable and resilient.

Full business and supply chain integration is here in Building Sustainable Supply Chains

SCOR is not required to take this course, but it is helpful. Our master instructor will review SCOR during the class with you.

But, you ask:

How does this help with California’s new sustainability laws?

Or Canada’s new laws?

Or India’s new laws?

How does it help with existing EU law? Other country laws?

How does it help with SEC compliance for cybersecurity?

How does it help with required financial disclosures?

It’s all in Building Sustainable Supply Chains

The how is part of the robustness you build in to handle changes we know will come, but are uncertain as to what they will look like until they arrive.

But, you ask, where will I get the tools to do all of this?

In the class, you’ll practice using tools such as Materiality. This tool helps you quickly identify which group of stakeholders won’t understand why you are prioritizing changes differently than they would. Your communication plan is improved, you keep everyone engaged and supporting your transformation work – because they see and understand how you are building and linking it all together, over time, and for results.

No more one-off initiatives causing confusion and priority infighting.

You’ll evaluate company Trust, Digital Capabilities, and trends in geopolitics – because it all affects your supply chain performance and its sustainability

We’ve got you covered

Check it out here

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