Data alone is never enough

(April 2019 iFundwomen gathering of business owners, media, and investors in The Bookery, Manchester, NH) If you want growth, build relationships – but start with data The trick for businesses today is getting data that serves three purposes, the first is to expose what your customer truly wants and truly needs from you in order… Read More

[SMB] Where the jobs will be

(Image: digital cloud icon with radiating lines out to business icons such as people, computers, industry tools, light bulbs for ideas and so on) …and what that means to running your business There continues to be a lot of discussion around old economy jobs, new economy jobs, if there will be low skilled jobs, and… Read More

[SMB] Grieve, then leave

(Image: pile of colored lego building blocks) Your choice comes down to building the product or your business One of the most difficult things I coach small and midcap business CEO/Presidents on is making the internal decision to stop being the star [fill in the blank here. I’ll use software coder for my examples] and… Read More

Beware the tempting shortcut to Agile

Avoid alienating your customers in your haste to release Lately, I’ve had several companies I purchase services and products from deliver the latest release that only almost works. I’m told the reason is because the company is using agile methodology and due to that, the customers are used to point out what they want to… Read More

Is a General Store in Your Future?

Seems like a quaint, old fashion notion: a corner store a short walk away, people who know you, really know you and your likes, informal community meet-and-greets While older cities in the U.S. never lost this, newer cities, smaller towns, and U.S. areas that grew after the 1960’s were developed by urban planners who knew,… Read More