Beware the tempting shortcut to Agile

Avoid alienating your customers in your haste to release Lately, I’ve had several companies I purchase services and products from deliver the latest release that only almost works. I’m told the reason is because the company is using agile methodology and due to that, the customers are used to point out what they want to… Read More

Bake in great customer value

For business owners, the questions we’re asking center around “How do I grow my business next year?” The answer: provide customer value Now, that seems like an easy answer, but getting it right takes practice. When I ask many of those I work with what their customers want from their business, I’m given an instant… Read More

Executing Strategy

3 Steps for Communicating Strategic Execution Often, great strategy doesn’t get translated throughout the company the way the executive team envisioned. The result is confusion, irritation, rework of initiatives due to unintentional lack of alignment with strategic goals, reduced profit due to wasted time and effort, cross functional infighting, and competitors who move faster than… Read More