Supply Chain tech can be so cool

What’s in development you should know about I had the opportunity to meet with a high performing group of supply chain experts last week. During the meeting, when discussing advanced tech and its capability to enable higher supply chain performance (resulting in higher top line growth as customers choose your ability to meet their requirements),… Read More

Aiding the triple bottom line

Excited on being the first ASCM approved Instructor & Consultant for the new ASCM Building Sustainable Supply Chains program Using globally recognized frameworks, including ASCM’s SCOR and the GHG Global Protocol, the program provides a structured method of embedding sustainability in your supply chains’ process & metrics hierarchies that meet your corporate purpose while providing… Read More

Never waste a good supply chain

Tips for supply chain survival in a tight cash flow environment I’m seeing growing industry fear that cash is going to stop flowing as needed. Fear is playing out in many forms. Not all nice, but definitely all focused on keeping more cash in-house. Here are some examples: Example 1: A business supplier for cycle… Read More

3 crucial elements to ace your supply chain transformation

Your supply chains, and its people, will appreciate your pre-transformation preparation You know you must transform to stay competitive and to meet changing customer requirements. In today’s world, supply chain transformation usually means integrating digital technologies throughout your extended supply chains. But how do you keep from wasting money and time you already don’t have?… Read More