Serving those who strive to make a difference

Supply Chain and business strategy used to be a destination.

Now, they are both ongoing journeys

Change has made it so

Deep dives are required to understand what all the change means

We work with savvy organizations and committed individuals who know business and supply chain dynamics have changed and will continue to change for the next several years. They are willing to do the work to

  • Enable agility knowing exactly what can and cannot be accommodated
  • Rethink organizational and supply chain strategy to eliminate time wasting confusion
  • Close the performance and operational innovation gap between federal contractors, commercial industry, and federal government agencies
  • Overcome organizational and shareholder fear of change to achieve sustainable and scalable performance

If you are tied to “this is the way we have always done things” or NIH (not invented here) syndrome, then you and Process & Strategy will not be a good fit

If you want to succeed and move your career and organization forward along a sustainable path, then we need to talk

Our knowledge in commercial, defense contracting, and government agencies combined with boots on the ground experience makes us the unique partner you are searching for whether for training or consulting needs.

You can expect to see demonstrable performance improvements when you work with Process & Strategy

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