Most don’t know operations & supply chains build economies

But they do

And as a supply chain professional or manager, it’s up to you to handle economic craziness and continue building.

You need a trusted source for latest trends, outstanding training, and result-enabling consulting.

Because while you have the capability to do it all yourself, there’s just no time.

You’re already pulled thin. And that’s not counting what’s coming down the road.

Process & Strategy’s been helping supply chain professionals and business managers gain back the time they need while at the same time, knowing that their people are gaining the skills, capability, and knowledge to help your company adapt, meet regulations, transform and innovation to deliver additional business value.

What we offer can be combined in different ways to best meet your needs and get those measurable results.

Mix and Match: supply chain consulting/transformation mentoring, advanced supply chain training (like SCOR), holistic End2End supply chain builds (Building Sustainable Supply Chains enables you to pursue ASCM Enterprise Certification in Sustainability), and link in closely to your strategic plan to enable growth.

All consulting customized to your supply chains

All training is available for customization

Public SCOR Framework, SCOR Implementation Essentials, and Building Sustainable Supply Chains courses are offered virtually, multiple times per year for individuals to earn CEUs and develop advanced, digital/transformation/supply chain mapping and alignment capabilities

Grant funding is possible in some locations

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