Beware the tempting shortcut to Agile

Avoid alienating your customers in your haste to release Lately, I’ve had several companies I purchase services and products from deliver the latest release that only almost works. I’m told the reason is because the company is using agile methodology and due to that, the customers are used to point out what they want to… Read More

Good strategy is a process

Are you used to thinking that company strategy is created in a 3-day, offsite retreat? Think again. Good strategy is a process. While those 3-day retreats may be a start, they are not nearly long enough to do a thorough job. Just like any other process developed by a team (the executive team in this… Read More

Why don’t our processes work anymore?

The past few years have seen major changes for manufacturers, distributors, and supply chains. But we’ve seen change before. We have tools and methodologies and techniques, and… So why is this so different? It’s because our global consumer markets have matured. They know what it possible and they expect you to deliver it. This means… Read More