On the 2nd Day of Christmas, my supply chain gave to me… … 2 supply chain trends It’s been a whirl wind of a ride in 2023 (I’m hearing promises of calm – but not until 2025). With all that’s going on, two different, but interconnected trends are present that will have huge and continuing… Read More

Supply Chain tech can be so cool

What’s in development you should know about I had the opportunity to meet with a high performing group of supply chain experts last week. During the meeting, when discussing advanced tech and its capability to enable higher supply chain performance (resulting in higher top line growth as customers choose your ability to meet their requirements),… Read More

[Part 3] Your supply chains…

…eliminating doubt You have supply chains that deliver. Continuous improvement is a constant. Customer service levels are always watched and usually optimized. Yet customers want more. Some want more speed. Others want more agility. Yet others want more reliability. Which way to turn? While tech is part of the answer, which part? And how do… Read More

[Part 2] Your supply chains…

…the real cost of new technologies Just how do you calculate the true digital transformation cost? And how do we overcome the uncertainty surrounding new technology implementations? Previously, we discussed companies’ fear of new technologies and implementations. Tamping down fear of the unknown is the first step to correctly analyzing your tech requirements. If you… Read More