Aiding the triple bottom line

Excited on being the first ASCM approved Instructor & Consultant for the new ASCM Building Sustainable Supply Chains program

Using globally recognized frameworks, including ASCM’s SCOR and the GHG Global Protocol, the program provides a structured method of embedding sustainability in your supply chains’ process & metrics hierarchies that meet your corporate purpose while providing proof through metrics use that your company does in fact:

  • meet regulatory requirements
  • focuses on and improves the triple bottom line of people, profit, & planet all at the same time, and
  • still provides outstanding supply chain performance.

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Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky, CEO of Process & Strategy Solutions, helps companies successfully innovate and transform supply chains to maintain your strategic and sustainability goals for customer supply chain performance. Process & Strategy provides advanced, virtual, supply chain training on how to use sustainability to integrate innovative, performance enhancing aspects into your supply chains. Click here to learn more


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