Who is watching your supply chains?

It’s not who you think…it’s worse

Did you know that the majority of industrial supply chains have yet to place sustainability and climate-related risk on their radar?

The reason stated is because it is too far out in the future to worry about


CFO’s do not agree, and they are acting on GHG (Green House Gas emissions) whether supply chain is at the table or not.

Boards of Directors do not agree. Climate-related risk been the biggest issue on their minds for a while now. Which means it is a big issue on your executive management’s minds, in their planning, and for many companies it is a part of their execution right now. Why? Take a look  Are you taking a back seat to your competitors who already know this?

Investors do not agree that the risk is somewhere in the future and they are putting their money where their values are: professional and retail investors alike. That may just be affecting your stock price.

Other influential entities are watching your supply chains to see exactly what you are doing to eliminate climate-effects.

Do you know who they are, how they are watching, and what results they are looking for?

You need to because you can’t escape their scrutiny.

Still, if you don’t believe me…

Click here for proof

The timetable for supply chain to join the discussion is very, very short.

Soon, very soon (as in right now in certain supply chain situations) the decisions are already being made for you on what needs to happen by when.

There is no more multi-year planning for this.

Action is required immediately, especially for any company, large or small, that moves products or services globally.

Time’s up


Find out what you must know to join the supply chain Eco-Sustainability discussion and activity now

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Dr. Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky is the CEO of Process & Strategy Solutions and an ASCM Partner. She helps companies develop silver bullets for supply chain transformation and innovation, including sustainability. Check out her presentation on Who’s watching your supply chains? Surprise, it’s not who you think


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