Simple supply chain transformation explanation

There is one question I’m always asked by companies working on transformation.

You need to bring in transformation that is standardized. Transformation that is integration to enable efficient, effective communication and data flow. But you need approval from people in various parts of the supply chain as well as people only indirectly associated with your supply chains in order to bring in the transformation framework.

To explain a framework, the concepts need to be kept simple. Simple while still providing a high level understanding. Plus, you need to highlight advantages that will make your, and their, future so much easier.

So to the question of: “Can you explain what this transformation framework does for us – and keep it simple?”

Your answer is “Yes”.

But what is your explanation?

I’ve created a short and simple explanation video for you here: 

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Cynthia Kalina-Kaminsky helps companies of all sizes successfully transform supply chains, integrate digital technology solutions, and avoid panic attacks that ruin your customer performance. As a SCOR Master and ASCM Partner, she integrates SCOR with ESG and digital capability in SCOR-DS advanced supply chain learning and development –with free Bonus session


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